Currently focussing on:

1) Partner and CCO of Bitonic, Largest bitcoin trading platform of the Netherlands. Active since May 2012 and traded more than 200,000 bitcoins. Merchants solutions – powerful payment tools for your business to accept bitcoin, government services and NGOs, seminars, events, guiding enterprise projects, researching the bitcoin economy, advice of the bitcoin technical protocol, analysis and tracing of bitcoin-transactions.

2) Founder and CEO of Mindtime Online Backup, For 12 years Mindtime Backup focuses itself on the online backup market and has been one of the biggest players in the market for many years.

3) Investor and consultant of YourAppic ,With YourAppic parents can unique and personal way to capture the first four years of their child. For more information go to

It is my believe that sustainable entrepreneurship combines goals in People, Planet and Purpose. Numerous types of capital can derive from these goals, also creating social and economic value as a result, as well as fun and a happy life.